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These plants were selected based upon showiness and height. Please note the growing requirements for each. Light and soil moisture requirements vary. Also included are other natives such as ornamental grasses, shrubs & trees.
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Eastern Redbud Eastern Redbud

Cercis canadensis

In spring Redbud is often loaded with purplish-pink blooms that support pollinators at a critical time of year. Leaves are heart-shaped and tree has graceful spreading form. Larval host plant for Henry's Elfin butterfly and several species of moth. Grown from Kentucky-source seed.

Light: prefers Part Sun
Soil: Average
Height: to about 30 feet
Blooms: April
Flowers: Pink

Price: $13.95
Maryland Golden Aster Maryland Golden Aster

Chrysopsis mariana

Daisy-like yellow flowers provide much-needed late-season nectar. This plant is a good option for use as a matrix species in a flower garden, reducing the need to mulch between plants. Grown from KY-source seed.

Light: Full Sun to Part Shade
Soil: Average to Dry
Height: 1 to 2.5 feet
Blooms: August-October
Flowers: Yellow

Price: $13.95
Blazing Star Blazing Star

Liatris spicata

Also known as Gayfeather, this plant produces striking dense purplish wands of flowers from a clump of narrow, shiny, strap-like basal leaves. Beautiful in a front yard, butterfly garden, rain garden, cut flower or large pot. Grown from Kentucky-source seed.

Light: Full Sun
Height: 2 to 4 feet
Soil: Average
Blooms: July to August
Flowers Reddish-Purple

Price: $13.95
Calico Beardtongue Calico Beardtongue

Penstemon calycosus

Under-used & well-suited for home garden use, Calico Beardtongue has 1" long pink tubular flowers that attract hummingbirds. Foliage is semi-glossy and may turn purple in fall. Grown from Kentucky-source seed.

Light: Full Sun to Filtered Shade
Soil: Moist to Dry
Height: 1 to 3 feet
Blooms: June to July
Flowers: Violet to Pink

Price: $13.95
Orange Coneflower Orange Coneflower

Rudbeckia fulgida

A pleasing clump forming plant bearing bright & bold yellow-orange blooms that last for weeks. Great as a cut flower, for use in rain gardens & massing to create a border. Remove spent flowers to prolong bloom time. Spreads by rhizomes. Grown from Kentucky-source seed.

Light: Full sun
Height: 2 to 3 feet
Soil: Average to Dry
Blooms: June to October
Flowers: yellow-orange

Price: $13.95
Limestone Fameflower Limestone Fameflower

Talinum calcaricum

A lovely little succulent perfect for a rock garden or other dry, sandy spot. It's magenta blooms open in the late afternoon and blooming lasts for weeks. Grown from Kentucky-source seed.

Light: Full Sun
Soil: Dry
Height: leaves to 2 inches, flowers to 6 inches
Blooms: throughout summer

Price: $13.95
Wild Ginger Wild Ginger

Asarum canadense

Heart shaped leaves spread via rhizomes to form an attractive ground cover for shade.

Light: Part to Full Shade
Soil: Average to Wet, Well-drained
Height: to 1 foot
Blooms: April to May (but are low to ground, making them difficult to notice)

Price: $13.95
Mouse Ear Tickseed Mouse Ear Tickseed

Coreopsis auriculata

Short stature and charming, airy and long-blooming yellow-orange flowers make this an ideal choice for a front border in intermediate light. Foliage is compact, low & mounding. Remove spent flowers to extend blooming. Self-seeding & slowly spreading by stolons.

Light: Intermediate
Soil: Medium
Height: Flowers to 18 inches
Blooms: April to June
Flowers: yellow-orange

Price: $13.95
Cliff Goldenrod Cliff Goldenrod

Solidago drummondii

Arcs or cascades over retaining walls or slopes in full sun, dry to average soil. Not aggressive like other goldenrod species. Goldenrods are excellent pollinator plants.

Light: Full Sun
Soil: Dry to Medium
Height: 1.5 to 3 feet
Blooms: August to September

Price: $13.95
Sundrops Sundrops

Oenothera fruticosa tetragona

Large bright yellow day-flowering plant with nice dark green foliage. Can be used as a ground cover but is not aggressive. Stems and foliage often turn reddish in fall.

Light: Full sun
Soil: Dry to Moist
Height: to 2 feet
Blooms: April to June

Price: $13.95
Shrubby Saint John's Wort Shrubby Saint John's Wort

Hypericum prolificum

Upright shrub tolerant of a wide variety of soil types and good for stabilizing embankments or creating a boundary or hedge. Flowers to 1" in diameter. Grown from Kentucky-source seed.

Light: Full Sun to Part Shade
Soil: Average (but drought-tolerant)
Height: usually 1 to 4 feet
Blooms: June to August
Flowers: Yellow

Price: $15.95