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Broad Beech Fern Broad Beech Fern

Phegopteris hexagonoptera

Fronds are triangular. Elegant & hardy plant for greenery & texture in humusy, shady spot. Will spread easily by rhizomes in optimal conditions. Provenance: Kentucky.

Light: Part Shade
Soil: Average to Damp
Height: to 2 feet

Price: $9.25
Scouringrush Horsetail Scouringrush Horsetail

Equisetum hyemale

Belonging to a family of primitive vascular plants, this plant does not flower but forms cone-like heads that bear spores. Evergreen stems provide very interesting visual texture in all seasons. Be forewarned that containment in a large pot is highly recommended for home use of this plant. It can spread aggressively by rhizomes, even bypassing pavement underground to colonize new areas.

Light: Full Sun to Part Shade
Soil: Average to Wet
Height: 2 to 4 feet
Blooms: None

Price: $9.25
Christmas Fern Christmas Fern

Polystichum acrostichoides

Dark evergreen fronds provide winter & textural interest. Good choice for massing & on slopes. Easy to grow, the clumps increase in size but do not spread.

Light: Part to Full Shade
Soil: Average, well-drained to Dry
Height: 1 to 2 feet

Price: $9.25
Sensitive Fern Sensitive Fern

In nature this fern grows in wet areas such as along streams or wet woods. Can grow in average soil that doesn't dry out. Spreads by rhizomes. Provenance: Kentucky.

Light: Part to Full Shade
Height: to 4 feet
Soil: Moist to Wet

Price: $9.25